Facts You Must Know About Full Body Detoxification

body_detoxOne of the main questions I’m asked consistently is Why do we need to detox and how does a full Body Detox help our health?

It is interesting that very rarely does the question get asked – ‘is there a difference between detox programs’

Yes, there is a huge difference!

To understand why and how a full body detox will help you achieve total health you first must understand some basic principals.

When you understand these principals you will not only see how a sustainable full body detox helps your health but also why there are huge differences between quick fix detox programs and a true sustainable full body detox.

Have you ever thought that it does not make sense that nature would make it complex for us humans to maintain health? You know, it’s actually us humans that have made it complex.

body_detox_foodYou see, Our body is designed to function and maintain itself at a high level of health, It’s our natural state of being.

In fact, our bodies perform an intuitive complex process that maintains this high level of health whether we understand how it does it or not.

Now think about this, our bodies have evolved together with our environment over many millions of years, because of this fact it stands to reason that we then have, in abundance, everything the body needs to maintain and function at this high level of health. So when we embrace natures offerings, in the form that nature intended and which we have evolved with, together with a few basic principals, our body will naturally attain the high level of health that it was designed to maintain.

Nature is complex in the way it helps out bodies maintain a high level of health. But nature has also made it quite simple for us to maintain this high level of health by simply understanding and following some basic laws of natural health. When we follow the basic laws of natural health, it then becomes easy to be healthy.

We don’t need to understand the complexity of nature, all we have to do is understand and follow these basic rules of nature.

So then why are we not all healthy?

Modern society has created an environment full of preservatives, toxins, processed foods, drugs & medication.

As this has increased, so to has the rate of disease increased.

This happens because the onslaught of toxins, preservatives etc. entering the body is faster than what the bodies natural detoxification system was designed to cope with. The reason for this is that 10,000 years ago there was simply no man made environmental toxins, drugs, preservatives, etc. and at that stage of our evolution, 99% of our genetic makeup had already been formed. The bodies natural detoxification system had simply not evolved to deal with the future man made pollutants that were to come. So because of this these toxins mixed with the bodies fluids overflow into the body, they start to build up and accumulate throughout the body causing the it to malfunction, resulting in the development of symptoms.

With the increase of toxins within the environment and foods we eat, it is not surprising that the majority of people are at a level of toxicity that is past the point that the bodies own natural detoxification system can cope with.

When these symptoms are suppressed and the root cause not dealt with, then disease follows.

Unfortunately western medicine focus on treating the symptoms, they treat these symptoms by using more toxic drugs.

The problem with this is that the root cause is never found and treated.

What is a symptom?

Symptoms are the result of the body naturally dealing with something that is not right within the body. It is also a message to tell us something is wrong, but the western medical system not only kills the messenger with it’s drugs it also stops the bodies own healing mechanism and also adds to the problem by pushing more toxins into the body.

The outcome of this madness is an increase in people being kept in a condition that can be best described as stable but unwell, popping pills just to get through each day, far from the healthy vibrant condition that the body is designed to be in.

Another way to describe this is the body becoming a walking toxic loaded time bomb and with each extra drug, preservative and toxin, adds to the heavy load on the trigger of the toxic time bomb, till finally the body can take no more, the bomb goes off, the bodies system can no longer function under the load of toxins that has clogged vital parts of the body.

To overcome the build up of toxins, all that we need to do is achieve a sustainable full body detox while embracing and continuing to follow 5 basic natural laws of health.

Let me explain this in a little more detail…

The first step to better heath is to achieve a sustainable full body detox, this assists the body to overcome and eliminate the years of built up toxins within the body, giving it a kick start or helping hand in creating the right environment and foundation for true health to be built on.

The difference with a sustainable full body detox and most other detox regimes is that a sustainable body detox not only helps clear the colon and body of toxins but also overcomes a number of conditions that develop a toxic cycle within the body that also contribute to the toxic condition. When these conditions are not dealt with during a detox process they are left to fuel the build up of toxins again, resulting in a few weeks or months of feeling good but no progress made on your overall health.

On the other hand when these conditions are dealt with as part of a full body detox, it results in a detox that the body will continue to maintain with it’s own natural detoxification system, especially when you follow the second part.

The second part is to continue to follow the 5 basic natural laws of health, when this is continued after the complete body detox, the toxins will not build up in your body in fact following the 5 basic natural laws will assist in reducing toxins in your body.

Following this gives the body time to build true natural health as it was designed to do.

How do these toxins get into our system?

Some come from the air we breath and through our skin but the majority comes from the main tube in our bodies, the digestive tract. The digestive tract is also known as the alimentary canal, it starts at the mouth and finishes at the anus (better known as bum).

It is this tube that feeds the majority of modern day pollutants into our system, we stuff this tube with all sorts of food and liquids without a second thought.

When we follow the 5 basic rules of natural health the build up of toxins in the digestive track will not get to the point where our own natural detox system is unable to cope with.

If you think this whole concept sounds to simple then you are right, it is simple, it has been around for thousands of years, and it works, I know this from personal experience

You see, for over 10 years I suffered from an auto immune disease that created a highly inflammatory condition in my body resulting in chronic back pain swollen knees and many other minor health issues.

During the ten years I searched for answers and after many years of tests that included X-rays, CAT scans, bone scans, drugs and numerous blood tests, I still had no answers, until I discovered the world of natural alternative medicine.

I quickly realized that the cause of my health problems was a build up of toxins in my body. I tried many detox programs but quickly became frustrated as I would feel better for a short while, but within a month I was back feeling the same lack of energy and my chronic back pain along with other minor health issues, would also not have improved at all.

I became a student to detox methods as I just knew from all my research that the root cause of all my problems was due to my body being overburdened with toxins, all I had to do was to find a process that effectively eliminated these toxins permanently. Then one day I decided to follow a very specific process that was a combination of detox therapies and methods that I had either used before or had researched and….

This is what gave me the remarkable results I was searching for!

And boy, did it ever! This detox process gave me an incredible amount of energy like never before that just kept getting better and better and with everyday came less pain, I just knew I was onto something.

I was excited, I wanted to test this “process” out again but on people that had different health issues, so my wife, who had a very high cholesterol level (she was about to follow her Doctors advice to go on a drug to help lower it, this story I go into more detail in my book) and some of my family and friends that had a range of problems from weight issues to just feeling tied and lacked energy, tried the Process out, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

Long story short… My health along with my wife, family and friends health, just continued to improve week after week. My energy improved, my pain reduced then disappeared, my fitness levels skyrocketed… and we all have never looked back since.

To top it all off, just 18 moths after 10 years of pain and suffering that prevented me from walking properly let alone run, I competed in my first triathlon. Click on the following link if you wish to read and see pictures of this mile stone event on my blog


This just proves just how powerful this process is.

I became so passionate about educating others, I left a 20 year career to help bring awareness to others of the power of the bodies natural healing process.

In my e-book 12 Steps To A Complete Full Body Detox I cover the basic rules of nature in detail as part of a sustainable full body detox process.

The level of health you achieve will be determined by your bodies ability to repair and maintain itself! To achieve this you must Create an environment within your body that will support your system in carrying out this intuitive process. There are many factors that contribute to an unhealthy inner environment, and this is largely dependent on your lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle is greatly determined by your knowledge.

Among the many things I cover in my e-book 12 steps to a complete full body detox are:-

  • Detox and Detoxification
  • Liver Detox
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Body PH Levels
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Weight Loss
  • Healthy Organic Living
  • Nutrition and whole foods
  • Plus, the Mind Set for health success, Very important!!

The information you’ll find in my e-book 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health, you will not find in all the other health books that are out there—because most health programs do not address all the contributing factors that are at the root cause to bad health.

12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health:-

  • Helps you to overcome headaches and other aches and pains without harming your body with aspirin, I lived on aspirin but because of my detox program I have not needed to take it for years.
  • Gives proven techniques to help stimulate your desire for exercise
  • Helps prevent you from developing major health problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses
  • Causes your body to react more quickly and more positively to exercise, helping you to achieve the body you always wanted
  • Is easy to follow and understand by anyone
  • Reveals the little known secrets of weight loss…and all the benefits that come with this
  • Revitalizes and increases your energy to that of a teenager
  • Shows you why you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight…and lose weight fast
  • Provides long lasting anti-aging effects that make you look and feel younger
  • Explains how to detox safely and easily
  • Gives you proven mind body skills to help you take control of your health.
  • Teaches you skills to eliminate stress and negative emotions
  • Teaches you how to change habits that do not support you into habits that will help you reach your health goals.

With 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health, Revised 2nd Edition, you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling young again. Here’s what else you will get out of your guide:

  • Why juice fasting works against a total Detox
  • Why other Detox programs do not break the toxic cycle
  • The benefits of detoxification and living an organic lifestyle
  • What Toxaemia is and the effect it has on the body
  • Learn the foods that stop you from achieving a complete detoxification
  • What effect Toxaemia has on the immune system
  • Learn the real complete detoxification process
  • Discover affective secret mind body techniques that will help you achieve all these benefits
  • Learn about the bodies own detoxification system
  • Get the facts about acid alkaline levels in the body and why 80% of Americans have way too much…and how it effects the toxic cycle
  • Learn about Candida, the part it plays in the toxic cycle, and how to overcome it
  • Learn why over 50% of Americans have some form of Gluten Intolerance and how Toxaemia can contribute to it and it to Toxaemia…very important!
  • Learn how 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health can help all of the above problems
  • And much, much more!

Once you own your copy of my e-book 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health, you’ll refer to yours over and over again!

Here’s what you get with your guide:

  • 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health, Revised 2nd Edition, ($89 value): An e-book resource filled will power packed information that reveal my proven easy-to-follow Guide for achieving the pinnacle of health, naturally, making you look and feel youngerbody_detox_book
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What people say...

“Awesome book Calvin”
Awesome book Calvin, I want to personally thank you for the positive impact you have had on my life. Prior to reading 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: A Natural Path To Superior Health I had a major health issue as well as many small niggling problems that prevented me from doing and achieving the things I love. Now in a matter of months, it is all in the past as I have overcome my major health concern.

I have done so much in the last month, as I have so much energy and no more niggling aches and pains. Your the best,

Thanks again
Margit Jeppesen


“Your Program has turned my life around”
Your book “12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox” Is fantastic, I did not realise the impact toxins were having on my body, the information in your book has made me so much more knowledgeable and helps me make better choices for my health. In just a few months your Program has turned my life around. My liver function test are now normal, my cholesterol has dropped and my headaches, stomach pains and bloating are a thing of the past. Thank you Calvin

Cindy Grant, Gold Coast Australia

“My Doctor can not believe it”
I am in your debt for life, I can not thank you enough. I was doubtful that something like this could make such an impact on me since I had been suffering from liver problems for most of my life. I had constant headaches and stomach problems and very strong premenstrual pain. I now do not suffer from these problems, my Doctor can not believe it, I also can not believe how much weight I have lost and I don’t feel like I have even tried, all because of your book

Thank you
Sally Graham, TX USA

“I felt better than I had in years, full of energy and fit enough to compete in my national basketball tournament!”

Last year I got Infectious Mononucleosis (or glandular fever). It was mis-diagnosed by two doctors, one which gave me a strong dose of anti-biotics, this just made things worse. After spending weeks sleeping 14+ hours a day and not starting to feel any better I decided to take another approach. I started to play around with what I was eating, but I really didn’t know what I was doing so I searched the web for some ideas on the proper way to eat. That’s when I stumbled upon your complete detox book and within 4 weeks I felt better than I had in years, full of energy and fit enough to compete in my national basketball tournament!

Jay, Melbourne Australia